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Dr. Moon W. Suh


Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management

Moon Suh

Phone: 919-515-6580
Address: 3323 College of Textiles Box 8301
Room: 3323 | Map Location

Research Areas

  • Technical Textiles and Textile Structures
  • Systems and Quality
  • Supply Chain
Dr. Suh's research interests are quite diverse reflecting his academic background and work experience in the textile industry and in academia.  Two broad areas of his current research are:  quantitative methods in textile manufacturing and management, and statistical/probabilistic modeling of textile materials, processes and products.
More specifically, his current and past work includes: 
  • Development of Statistical Quality/Process Control Methodologies for Textile Operations
  • Total Quality Management
  • Textile R&D Management
  • Optimal Design/Evaluation of Textile Products
  • Forecasting of Textile Business Cycles
  • Estimation of Consumer Demands for Apparel Products
  • Study on Profitability of Textile Firms
  • General Theories on Bundle Strength and Statistical Size Effects
  • Strength and Uniformity of Spun Yarns
  • On-Line Process Control in Spinning
  • Optimal Fiber Selection/Blending via HVI-based cotton fiber measurements
  • Study on Novel Grafting Systems for Short Staple Spinning
  • Calibration Strategies in Textile Testing
  • Geometry of Knitted and Nonwoven Structures

Most Recent Publications

1. Suh, M., & Sasser, P.E., & Cui, X. (2003). Estimation of Single Cotton Fiber Tensile Properties From The Load-Elongation Curves of Slack Bundles. Textile Research Journal , 73 (12) , 1066-70.

2. Suh, M., & Huh, Y. (2003). Measuring the Thickness Variation of Fiber Bundle With Twists By a Flying Laser Spot Scanning Method. Textile Research Journal , 73 (9) .

3. Suh, M. (2003). What's Happening to the U. S. Textile Industry?: Reflections on NAFTA and U.S. Corporate Strategies. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management , 7 (2) , 119-37.

4. Suh, M., & Jeon, B.S., & Bae, J.H. (2002). Automatic Recognition of Woven Fabric Patterns by an Artificial Neural Network. Textile Research Journal , 73 (7) , 645-50.

5. Suh, M., & Jeong, S.H. (2002). Sequential Channelling of Time-dependent Variances in Spun Yarn Manufacturing. Textile Research Journal , 72 (3) , 1-7.

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Dr. Moon W. Suh is a Professor of Textile Technology and Management, Professor of Statistics and Professor of Operations Research, following his successful career at Burlington Industries O.R. Department. He holds B.S. (Tex. Eng. - Seoul), M.S.(Tex. Tech. - NCSU) and Ph.D.(Statistics- NCSU) degrees. His teaching and research areas are diverse and include: application of statistical methods, demand forecasting, textile evaluation, and R&D methods, quality/process management/control, with over 140 publications. He is an Editor of Journal of Textile Institute, Past President of The Fiber Society, and was Invited Lecturer at KIT (Kyoto) and Seoul University.

Ph.D., Statistics, 1969
North Carolina State University
M.S., Textile Technology, 1964
North Carolina State University
B.S., Textile Engineering, 1961
Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea