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Nancy Boiter Powell

Associate Professor

Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management

Nancy Powell

Phone: 919 515-6578
Address: 2401 Research Dr. Box 8301
Room: 3322 | Map Location

"The Current Status of the Automotive Industry in North Carolina" - research sponsored by the NC Department of Commerce

Textile Design

Automotive Bodycloth Materials

Woven Technical Fabrics

New Product Development and Management

Most Recent Publications

1. Choi, W., Kim, Y. and Powell, N. (2015). An ivestigation of seam strength and elongation of knitted-neck edges on complete garments by binding off processes. The Journal of the Textile Institute ISSN: 0040-5000 , 106 (No.3) , 334-341.

2. Yilmaz, N., Powell, N., Banks-Lee, P., Michielsen, S. (2013). Multi-fiber needle-punched nonwoven composites: Effects if heat treatment on sound absorption performance. Journal of Industrial Textiles , 43 (2) , 231-246.

3. Eason, J. and Powell, N. (2012). Color Trends and Factors in Automotive Upholstery from 1960-2020. AATCC REVIEW JOURNAL , 37-42.

4. Chapman, L., Shaker, A., Powell, N. (2012). A Comparison of Consumer Perceptions of Jacquard Woven and Printed Fabrics for Home Furnishings. AATCC REVIEW JOURNAL .

5. Yilmaz, N., Powell, N., Banks-Lee, P., Michielsen, S. (2012). Hemp-fiber Based Nonwoven Composites: Effects of Alkalization on Sound Absorption Performance. Fibers and Polymers .

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Professor Powell's degrees in design are combined with 27 years in the textile industry with design, marketing and management responsibilities. 

She is currently U.S. co-editor of the Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice.


Milliken & Company, Corporate Research Center in Spartanburg, SC. 1996-2002. As Director of Design for the Automotive Division, Professor Powell directed a large group of designers in developing woven, knit and printed products for all O.E.M. and Tier One automotive customers.

Langenthal Textiles 1994 - 1996, As Director of Development, Professor Powell became part of the Senior Management Team at this Swiss owned company producing aviation fabrics and contract upholstery fabrics.

Guilford Mills Automotive - 1989-1994 as Director of Design Professor Powell led Guilford's design area as they transitioned from primarily a headliner manufacturer to a body cloth supplier to the automotive industry.  Basically a large volume piece dye warp knitter, Guilford added woven, printed and jacquard circular knit technologies and package yarn dyeing during this time. Powell the opportunity to plan, create, and deliver merchandising presentations in Japan, Germany, Spain, England and the North American market.


, a German company based in Asheville, N.C. 1987-1989. At this  high end supplier of primarily piece dyed cotton woven pile products Powell was challenged to develop the transition to new solution dyed fibers such as polypropylene to address changes in the home furnishings, RV and van markets.


I.T. Fabrics
(now known as the Rug Barn) in Abbeville, S.C. 1987-1988.

Professor Powell was involved in starting up their jacquard woven home furnishings business including market research, yarn development, design, sampling, and market launch.


Collins & Aikman Corp. Cavel Division in Roxboro, N.C. as Director of Design.  1979-1983

Home furnishing jacquard upholstery fabrics were expanded to include recreational vehicle and custom van interior products.


LaFrance Industries 1975-1979 .Advancing through the design area to merchandizing and sales & marketing at, Professor Powell was involved in developing woven and printed home furnishings upholstery.


Concord College, Shropshire, England 1983-1986ý Instructor in Design & Art History at international college.  Living and teaching in a culturally diverse environment broadened Professor Powell's understanding and ability to communicate within the global community.


Fashion and Textile Design Program:

FTD 375 Woven Design Studio

FTD 376 Knit Design Studio

FTD 475  Jacquard Woven Design Studio

Graduate Course: 

TTM 573 - Management of New Textile  Product Development

Previously taught:

Anni Albers Scholars Program

TT 371 Woven Design

TT 470 Jacquard Woven Design

TT372 Knit Design


FTM 217 - Business of Textiles

TT 252 Lab - Fabric Formation

ADN 470 - Senior Design Studio  College of Design

 Xingyu Li - FPS doctoral program


   Graduate Student Theses Directed: (Chair or Co Chair)

Taylor McClean, M.S. 2015. “Technology Developments in Unique Knitted Outerwear in 18th century England”.

Allison Gentry, M.S. Dec, 2014. “Evaluating Men’s Tie Designs Using Semantic Differential Scales".

Lim, Jihye, Ph.D.  2014. “Design and evaluation of woven fabric structures impacting oil repellency”.

Haroglu, Derya, Ph.D.  2014. “The Utilization of Fiber Optic Sensors in Automotive Airbags”


Taylor, Dalia, Ph.D., 2013. “An Evaluation of Three Dimensional Woven Orthogonal Composites’ Potential in the Automotive Supply Chain”

Ruan, Cuicui, M.S., 2011. “The Influence of Knit Structure on the Armscye Line of Fully-Fashioned Sweater Front”.


Brindley, Margaret, M.S., 2011. “Development and Testing of a Categorization System for Investigating Cyclic Patterns in Textile Designs used in Residential U.S. Upholstered Furniture:  1945-1964.”


       McFarland, William, M.S., 2011. “Analysis of Directed Fiber Placement Fibers in        Composite Preforms”.

Mohan, Varun, M.S. 2011.  “Acoustical Properties of Winged Fibers”.

Bicking, Amanda, M.S. 2011. “Explorations in Fancy Braid Creation Through the Use of Industrial Machinery”


He, Ting, M.S., 2011. “A Study of Three Dimensional Warp Knits for Novel Applications as Tissue Engineering Scaffolds”.


Park, Jung H., M.S. 2009. “Technical Considerations for the Design of Smart Apparel for the Overweight”.


Sampson, Laura, M.S., 2009.“Consumer analysis of Purchasing Behavior for Green Apparel”.


Eason, Jenna,M.S. 2009. “Factors Affecting Bodycloth Trends: Color and Motif from 1960-2020.”

Yilmaz, Nazire, Ph.D. 2009. “Acoustic Properties of Biodegradable Nonwovens”.


Djuneadi, Kornelius,M.S. 2007. “Development of a Sliver Polymer Matrix Composite (SPMC) using Flax Fibers and Epoxy/Acrylated Epoxidized Soybean Oil Resin”


Choi, Wonseok,Ph.D. 2007. “The development of specialized knitted structures in the

creation of resist-dyed fabrics and garments”.


Tou, Necia, M.S., 2005. “An Investigation of Arcing in Two Structure Weft Knit Fabrics”.

Meadwell, Erin, M.S., 2004.  “An Exploration of Fancy Yarn Creation”.


Hatcher, Lesley, M.S., 2004. “An Integrated Printed Textile Design and Apparel Product Development Process”.

B.F.A. University of Georgia

M.F.A. University of Georgia


Costume Society of America

Costume Society of the UK

Textile Society