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Dr. Warren J. Jasper

Professor and TE Program Director

Textile Engineering, Chemistry, and Science

Warren Jasper

Phone: 919-515-6565
Address: 3308 College of Textiles Box 8301
Room: 3308 | Map Location

Research Areas

Filtration (modeling, experimental testing) for fibrous and non fibrous filters; Real-Time dyebath monitoringCurrent projects include:

  1. Real-time monitoring and control of the batch dyeing process
  2. Filtration and electret filters.
  3. Real-time defect detection in woven fabrics
  4. Real-time measurement and characterization of yarn using wavelets

Most Recent Publications

1. SC Rasipuram, M Wu, IA Kuznetsov, AV Kuznetsov, JF Lvine, WJ Jasper, AV Saveliev (2014). "Submicron particle filtration with dc activated plasma textile". Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics , 47 .

2. S. Jasper and W. Jasper (2013). "Methods and impact of reducing salt in dyeing cellulose: a case study with CI Direct Blue 109,?. Coloration Technology , 129 , 104.

3. Seung Geol Lee, Renzo Shamey, David Hinks, Warren Jasper (2012). `Development of a comprehensive visual dataset on a CIE blue color center: Assessment of color difference formulae using various statistical methods. Color Research and Applications , 35 (1) , 27-41.

4. M. Gunay, M. Farrell, W. Dixon, B. Smith, and W. Jasper (2011). Fiber Analysis via Real-Time Monitoring of Dye Uptake. AATCC Review , 11 (4) , 75-79.

5. G. Wu, A.V. Kuznetsov, W. J. Jasper (2011). Distribution characteristics of exhaust gases and soot particles in wall-flow ceramics filter. Journal of Aerosol Science , 42 (7) , 447-461.

List All Publications

I have been interested in real-time data acquisition and control since my undergraduate days when I measured the variation in gravity due to the tides. Although I have worked in the aerospace industry designing spacecraft attitude and control systems, I currently design data acquisition and control systems for textile processes. COE Project Linux: Mr. Matthew Wilson and I have put together a Linux distribution base on Red Hat 5.1 which is designed to run in the Unity/Eos environment. This distribution is available to all NCSU students/faculty/staff to allow them to integrate their PC into the realm. Device Drivers In my spare time, I enjoy writing device drivers for data acquisition boards. These drives are freely available via anonymous ftp from:

  • TE 205 Textile Engineering Systems
  • TE 302 Textile Manufacturing and Systems II (Fabric forming systems)
  • TE/CHE 435 Process Systems Analysis and Control
  • TE 401 Textile Engineering Design I
  • TE 402 Textile Engineering Design II
  • TE 505 Textile Systems and Control
  • TE 505 Lean Six Sigma Quality
  • TE 716 Multivariable Linear Systems Theory
  • B.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • M.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • PhD. Stanford Univeristy