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Dr. Julie Willoughby

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Textile Engineering, Chemistry, and Science

Julie Willoughby

Phone: 919-515-1884
Address: 2401 Research Dr.
Room: 3316 | Map Location
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Fundamentals of physical chemistry of surfaces and polymer physics as they apply to 1) molecular transport of small molecules through materials such as fibers, polymer blends, and composites, 2) harvesting energy in soft matter to enable economically-viable solar cells and 3) to increase the efficacy of biomedical materials for tissue engineering and implants.

Most Recent Publications

1. Grewal, R., Willoughby, J. A. (2012). Moisture Vapor Transport Through Fibrous Media. Polymer Preprints xx(x) .

2. Willoughby, J. A. (2011). Silicones Today. Silicon , 3 , 153-156.

3. Parvinzadeh, M., Willoughby, J. A., Agrawal, P. (2011). "Surface and bulk modification of synthetic textiles to improve dyeability" in "Textile Dyeing" ISBN: 979-953-307-120-5 InTech. Hauser, P. (editor) .

4. Crowe-Willoughby, J.A., Stevens, D.R., Genzer,J., and Clarke, L.I. (2010). Investigating the Molecular Origins of Responsiveness in Functional Silicone Elastomer Networks. Macromolecules , 43 , 5043.

5. Crowe-Willoughby, J.A., Weiger, K.L., Ozcam, A.E., Genzer, J. (2010). Formation of silicone elastomer networks films with gradients in modulus. Polymer , 51 , 763.

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Willoughby received her BS in chemical engineering from the University of Kentucky in 1992.  She worked at Dow Corning Corporation for over 10 years in roles varying from process, product, and new business development to production management. In 2002, she left the corporate world to pursue her doctorate in chemical engineering at North Carolina State University. Prior to joining the NC State faculty, she was a lead research scientist at MeadWestvaco’s Center for Packaging Innovation on Centennial Campus where her emphasis was in the development of barrier packaging.

TE 401 Engineering Senior Design

Rashi Grewal
PhD in Fiber and Polymer Science expected 2013
Project: Molecular Transport through Fibrous Media

Jing Cao
PhD in Fiber and Polymer Science expected 2013
Project: Plant Virus Non-woven Fiber Nanotechnology for Active Delivery

Lu Liu
PhD in Fiber and Polymer Science expected 2013
Project: Detection and Elimination of Cholera with SMART Filtration Media

Chris Johnson
MS in Chemical Engineering expected 2012
Project: Responsive Fibers for Chemical and Bio-threat Detection

Stephen Sharp
MS in Textile Engineering expected 2013
Project: Recycling Cellulosic Waste through Wet-Fiber Spinning

Kewei Xu
PhD in Fiber and Polymer Science expected 2013
Project: Innovative Piezoelectric Driven Shape-Changing Prosthetic Devices

BS: Chemical Engineering, University of Kentucky (1992)

MS: Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, North Carolina State University (2004)

PhD: Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, North Carolina State University (2007) Dissertation (under the direction of Prof. Jan Genzer): Design & Synthesis of Silicone Elastomer Networks with Tunable Physico-Chemical Characteristics.