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How to Identify Fibers and Fabrics

August 5-7, 2014

How to Identify Fibers and Fabric will explore textile topics that are of importance to anyone involved in developing fabric specifications and conducting laboratory analysis of fiber and fabric. This course benefits textile laboratory personnel as well as those dealing with customs regulations and crime scene investigations. In this course you'll learn about fiber properties, fabric identification and introductory microscopy techniques, fabric construction analysis and color measurement including properties of various classes of dyes.

Advanced Design of Woven Fabric: Structures, Theory and Practice

August 11-14, 2014

This course begins by examining the theory and practice of fabric geometry, cover factor, fabric tightness, and the concept of design of similar clothes. These elements allow designers to construct fabrics with predetermined properties based on data mining. Examples of the relationship between these structural parameters and fabric properties will be covered and discussed. The latter part of this course comprises the design and applications of highly specialized woven fabric structures.

Continuing education is key to staying competitive and enjoying long-term economic success in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing marketplace. The Zeis Textile Extension Education for Economic Development Center is dedicated to promoting economic success in North Carolina and the nation by being a leading provider of professional education.

Our professional education programs offer classroom and hands-on training for all aspects of textile processing, covering topics from fibers to finished fabrics. This program encompasses a unique combination of on-campus workshops, online education and customized training courses, providing a broad range of options for our clients. Our courses offer accelerated training and simulation methods with maximum transfer of skills and knowledge to the workplace environment. The Textile Technology Certificate Program provides our trainees with an excellent means of credentialing and demonstrates their exposure to and grasp of essential skills and knowledge.

The NCSU Lean Six Sigma programs provide government agencies and manufacturing, service, and healthcare organizations with a proven methodology to significantly reduce costs and increase productivity. We offer training and certification for Green Belts, Black Belts and Master Black Belts through open enrollment courses or through our customized training program, in addition to providing advanced qusality training courses for those outside of the certification programs.

TexLabs, housed in the $45M Model Manufacturing Facility at the College of Textiles, are a crossroads for industry and academia, helping to strengthen industry partnerships and providing a state-of-the-art platform for new product development and research. TexLabs also provide a unique opportunity for our course participants as they are a great environment for convenient, hands-on training in fiber science, knitting, weaving, fabric finishing and physical testing.

With our combination of technical course offerings, performance improvement training, integrated laboratory environments and knowledgeable, experienced faculty and staff, we offer a variety options to meet your professional education needs. Read more