Fashion and Textile Design

Fashion Week Models
Models Prepare for Fashion Week, 2013

Welcome to Fashion and Textile Design at NC State, College of Textiles. The new program in Fashion and Textile Design (B.S. design) provides an excellent opportunity for students to pursue interests in Fashion Design and Textile Design. You’ll spend some time in the classroom learning drawing techniques or yarn production - or you’ll work in the studio, putting new skills into practice. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, the time you spend at NC State will be some of the most exciting, inspirational years of your life. Here’s why:

• Our program stays small so you can do big things. We accept only 32 students a year to make it easy for you to build solid friendships with other students - or find faculty mentors. You’ll get the attention you need to perform at your best.

• We encourage you to study abroad. A “study abroad-friendly” semester is built into your junior year so you won’t fall behind in your classes. Pack your bags for countries like France, the Czech Republic, Australia and India to get your creative juices flowing.

• It feels like you’re actually working in the industry. Our students work in bright, spacious studios and use the latest technology to not only design fabrics and textile products, but also create prototypes. You’ll have access to a digital design lab featuring digital textile printing, 3D body scanning and garment knitting; fashion design studios with draping, CAD for 2D and 3D design, two automated cutting machines, specialty sewing machines and a photo studio; and prototyping labs for doing everything from dyeing yarns to producing your own fabrics. Simply put: if professionals use it in the industry, you’ll use it here.

Textile's Senior Stormi Gignac
Designer and Model, Stormi Gignac; Textile's Senior

• Your professors energize you — and push you to new limits. Our faculty members are some of the best in the industry. But despite their great connections and unparalleled experience, their main focus is to help you reach your full potential.

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that this is your opportunity to produce great work — the kind that will take you in a new direction or launch your career.

The B.S. degree in Fashion and Textile Design prepares graduates for careers in the fields of fashion and textile design. This is a 4 year B.S. degree program and is unique within the State of North Carolina. The degree is housed in the Department of Textile and Apparel Technology and Management, College of Textiles, with collaborative initiatives with the NC State University College of Design as well as the global textile industry complex.

To create global leaders in fashion and textile design, the program melds aesthetic, functional, technical, and expressive appeal, combine cutting edge technologies with traditional design sensitivities, and use of the newest fibers and processes to create innovative textiles and the fashions and other products that use them. The program’s blending of “art," "science," and "management" builds on the strength of NC State University and our global industry partners.

Student Designs are showcased in many venues in and outside of the College

For more information about the program, see our FTD Brochure

To see a display of your four-year study:

Fashion Design: 8 Semester Curriculum Display

Textile Design: 8 Semester Curriculum Display

The Fashion and Textile Design program focus includes innovative educational programs that will help fuel the economic development of the industry (including the 2200+ North Carolina textile locations) by producing industry leaders for the workplace. With the program’s inclusion of diverse textile end uses (medical, apparel, home, transportation, industrial/technical, nonwovens), the design of fashion and textile products will enhance the health and well-being of North Carolina citizens, while addressing key areas of inquiry (including energy and environment).

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